Hello, and welcome to my online geneology resource page. I started this website to make my collection of family documents available to anyone who is interested. All of this material comes from the public record, so you are free to use it.
I would appreciate hearing from anybody that finds this information useful. And if anyone has any old pictures that they can scan, or any other information about the family tree, please contact me at the email address below.
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Church records

These are copies of the transcripts from the Philadelphia Archdiocesen Historical Research Center. They had a lot of records for the KNAB family from the German national parish of St. Peter the Apostle. They do not provide photocopies of the material - rather, they transribe them from the originals.

Teller Book - This book was compiled by the Teller family for the silver jubilee of the ordination to the priesthood for Raymond Teller. Their family connects to the KNAB family at Mildred Knab. The information appears to be the same information provided by the Philadelphia Archdiocese, but includes some old pictures and some more details of the family history. I wish I had the book, but I only have a photocopy of the begining that deals with the KNABs.

Tombstone - A transcription of the tombstone at Holy Redeemer Cemetary in Philadelphia. I have pictures that I will scan and place online soon.

1860 Census records

lotz1860.jpg - Lotz household

1870 Census records

knab1870.pdf - Knab/Raffel household.
lotz1870.JPG - Lotz household

1880 Census records

knab1880.JPG - Knab household
lotz1880.JPG - Lotz household
Raffel1880.jpg - Raffel household

1900 Census Records

Knab1900census.JPG - Anton and Catherine Knab's household
Gknab1900.jpg - George Knab's household
Raffel1900.JPG - Peter Raffel's household
LKnab1900.jpg - Louis Knab's household

1910 Census Records

RoseSchellman1910.jpg - Mary Schellman's household
JosephSchellman1910.jpg - Joseph Schellman's household

1920 Census records

CKnab1920.pdf - Catherine Knab
LKnab1920.pdf - Louphil and Rose Knab
schellman1920.JPG - Schellman household

1930 Census records

burke30.JPG - Burke household, 24th St., Philadelphia
knab30p1.JPG - Louphil and Rose Knab household, Hicks St., Philadelphia
knab30j1.JPG - Louis Knab household, 1428 Asbury St., Ocean City, NJ
GKnab1930.pdf - George Knab
schellman1930.JPG - Schellman household

Immigration Records

RaffelImmigration.pdf - Peter Raffel came to America in May 1857, and sent for his sister Catherine later that year. There is not much to see on the official documents, but I have added the ship information.

Bourke.pdf - John Bourke's Ellis Island entry.


Knab Transcript - This document is a compilation of census records for the Knab family.
Lotz Transcript This document is a compilation of census records for the Knab family.
Schellman Transcript This document is a compilation of census records for the Schellman family.

Weibert Tree - This document shows the Weibert Family tree available at Rootsweb.com. The red arrow points to Catherine Raffel's mother, Maria Weibert.
Lapp/Schellman Tree - This document shows the Schellman Family tree available at Rootsweb.com. The red arrow points to Louphil Knab's wife, Rose.

Copy of email sent by a descendant of George Justice Knab. This is some additional material I received from Pat. She was looking for information on her family tree, and we found a common link at George J Knab.
Copy of email sent by a descendant of Peter Raffel. This information filled in details of Catherine and Peter Raffel, and led to the connection in the Weibert tree.

Research report from the County Mayo Family Research Centre.

Internet Resources

Rootsweb.com - A free online resource for posting family tree data.

Click here to see the Weibert family tree located at RootsWeb.

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